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As the new year came my blog was migrated to new webhosting Fozzy.

Why I Chose Fozzy?

Let me tell you about the Fozzy hosting company. Fozzy is a multinational web hosting company situated in US and has branches in India (Hyderabad), Russia, Singapore, Netherlands and Luxembourg. This company is popular for providing cheap webhosting with 99.9% uptime.

Fozzy provided many good features like:

  • Free site migration
  • 10GB SSD hard drive
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • Cheap shared hosting plan
  • Free CDN
  • SSL for Cpanel
  • PHP 7
  • Optimize site for speed
  • US server
  • Good customer support

I must say that the Fozzy customer support has been really helpful to me. They answered me every little question I have asked them. They will answer you even if you are not a customer of their company and you can ask whatever doubts you have regarding their hosting plans, they will reply you.

For free site migration, you can ask customer support once you buy hosting plan on their site. They will be happy to migrate your site.

If you are interested to buy Fozzy we will provide you 10% discount coupon HINDUGEEK10OFF. Sign up now and get 10% off on purchase.

What Features To Look In Webhosting Company Before Buying?

Before buying any webhosting you must know following features that hosting company has to offer for you.

  • SSL for your blog.
  • SSH or SFTP for Cpanel.
  • SSL for Cpanel.
  • PHP 7
  • CDN
  • HTTP2
  • Built-in cache
  • Automated backups
  • Easy restore from backup
  • Malware scans
  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email tickets

Some companies provide free SSL but you can also use your own SSL for your blog. While SSH is not mandatory but useful if it exists, as it allows you to use your webserver from the commandline utilities. SSL for Cpanel is necessary as the username and password you enter are sent in a secure connection. SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol, major companies today use SFTP instead of FTP. It is good to have a secure line between you and your server.

PHP version 7 is much faster than its previous versions but most of the hosts are using PHP 5. HTTP2 is faster then HTTP, so make sure your webhosting company supports HTTP2.

Built-in cache supports some of the cache plugin which makes caching easy on webservers. Automated backups are required for any website because we don’t know when the server goes down. Easy restore from backups, this is very important because there should be any need to download the backup file and upload it to server. It must be easy to restore backups without downloading all the files from server.

Malware scans is a must for any website, you don’t want to get your blog mentioned in Google searches with notice that “this site contains malware”.

Final words, you may not find all these features in any webhosting company so choose what’s important for you and then buy hosting plan.


How You Must Buy Your Webhosting?

If you’re starting a new blog or it gets less traffic you can go for cheap webhosting plans. Why I am recommending you cheap hosting plans? As your site is not doing well in terms of traffic, it is better to save some money and go for cheap hosting plans. Once your site gets decent traffic you can change to new hosting plans. Until then cheap hosting is the best bet. My advice is start cheap and increase there after.

That is one advice, I have got another advice for you. Whenever you are buying a hosting plan use discount coupons and buy 2 or 3 years hosting. As it allows you to get cheap webhosting plan when compared to 1 year hosting plan. You can see many hosting companies provide more discount when you choose 2 or more years. This way you get cheap hosting for your blog for next coming years. If you buy hosting for 1 year and then update it for next year then you cannot apply discount coupon and you will not be provided with discounts so you will end up paying higher costs.

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