10 Tips For A Perfect Linkedin Profile

After completing their education everybody has to make their own resumes to get hired in companies. We all know that Linkedin helps us to find a better job, so it essential to have a perfect Linkedin profile to get an edge over other people who are applying for the same position. So today we briefly describe each point on how to get a perfect Linkedin profile.

1. A Detailed Profile Is A Strong Profile

A LinkedIn profile is similar to a work resume, where you display your past education information, work experience, skills, current work position and profile picture. You can follow LinkedIn’s Profile Completion Tips when editing your profile.

2. Temporarily Turn Off Activity Broadcast

If you’ve had LinkedIn for a while and have already connected with people, updating your profile will fill their feed and your ‘Wall’ with update notices. This means that if you happen to choose to update your LinkedIn with ‘old details’, for instance, if you are finally coming out as the HR manager that you are, your connections will think that you’ve only gotten the job recently.

3. Proofread Your Entire Profile

Just like any other thing used in the professional world, you wouldn’t want your LinkedIn profile to have any sort of grammatical or spelling errors. You should also word your profile summary and important information effectively so that it is communicated to the reader without confusing them (something learnt from communication school).

4. Do Not Lie About Anything

We don’t want to sound like your mother, but lying is not tolerated in the professional world, especially when you can easily get caught. This is also true for information on your LinkedIn profile with details like your education and job history.

5. Customize Your Profile URL

By default, your LinkedIn profile URL will consist of random alphanumerical characters. However, you can elect to have a customized profile URL by going to Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL.

6. Have The Right Profile Picture

If you wouldn’t have an Instagram-style photo or a picture of your cat doing something fitted on your resume, don’t put that as your profile photo on your LinkedIn account either. While you can have fun and go crazy with your Facebook timeline covers or Google plus covers it’s probably good to tone things down a bit and think through how you want to portray yourself to your potential clients.

7. Use LinkedIn Badges On Your Website

LinkedIn has a few different designs of profile badges that can help you promote your LinkedIn profile to the world.

8. Be Active In LinkedIn Groups

Groups on LinkedIn is a place for members to share and participate in a professional setting in a specific industry or area of interests. There are plenty of groups for job seekers your university alumni, specific professions and a variety of associations from all over the world.

9. Personalize LinkedIn Email Requests

When trying to make a connection with a fellow professional, you have to send them an email request. The request is already standardized but it’s always a good idea to personalize the notes. The receiver would at least get an idea of who you are and if you are up to it, you can even cut to the chase and suggest a business meeting with the person.

10. Use LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn has applications which you can add to your profile to enhance your profile in different ways. For instance, if your profession is a full-time blogger then you might want to add the WordPress app to your profile which lets you sync blog posts with your LinkedIn profile.

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