10 Websites For Creating Graphs And Statistical Charts

It is difficult to understand a certain type of data, to make it clear we need visual illustrations to clarify. In this case graphs and charts are ideal for visual communication in order to understand the data.

Graphical charts are a good way to display data visually. You can use these graphic charts on your websites, projects, presentations and virtually anywhere you want.

Luckily there are numerous websites that help us create graphs and charts easily so that it is very easy to understand different statistical data.

Chartify – Chart maker for busy people

Chartify charts made easy

Without any previous learning, you can generate different charts and graphs using Chartify. It is not needed to download or register on this website and is completely free to use. The site offers different charts like column chart, bar chart, pie chart, donut chart, funnel chart, pyramid chart, radial chart, etc.

Visit Chartify

RapidTables – Pie Chart maker


RapidTables also does not require any registration and easy to use. You can create different charts like line graph, bar graph, pie chart, etc. This site offers easy to use and ready-made fields for data entry. You can save, copy and take print out of these charts easily.

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Livegap charts

Livegap charts

This is an online application rather than a website with which you can easily create different good looking attractive charts and graphs easily. All you have to do is select the chart and enter the required data in fields below on the page.

Visit Livegap Charts

Livegap Iconmatrix

Livegap Iconmatrix

This online app is a little bit different, it allows us to add icons to the charts and graphs. Using icons it visualizes the data in a neat chart. This site does not require any registration and it is free to use.

Visit Livegap Iconmatrix

Beam – Chart Maker

Beam website

Beam is an online chart maker which does not require any registration and is completely free to use it. This online tool is very easy to use make it that you do not need any knowledge of designing. With this online tool you can share the chart on Facebook, Twitter, save to system and embed it on the website.

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Similar websites

There are other chart builders which we have come across on the web. We are listing them here for your reference.

If there is any website that you think should be added to this list then you can comment below to let us know.

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