10 Websites Worth Trying, If You Never Did

Today I would like to introduce you to 10 new websites that may be handy to you in situations. Some websites come in handy for doing tasks while some are just for fun, but all these websites are worthy to have a look.

1. Image Generator for Instagram – Instagram Quote Maker

In Facebook, Instagram and other social networks you must have come across pictures with phrases ie., quotes, they have a gradient colour background and text phrase. If you wondered how they are created? Then you are the right place. Let me introduce you to Instagram Quotes Maker.


This website will solve your problem of designing the images with phrases for Instagram. This webapp is responsible for doing everything without having to open the Photoshop or any other graphic design program.

You can not only use this for Instagram site, you can simply copy the image and paste it on Facebook, and other social network websites easily. I have been doing this in my Facebook page.

Simply write the text that comes to your mind and choose the gradient background, your image will be ready automatically.

2. Infiniforms – Create forms in seconds

If you are looking for ready made forms then Infiniforms is your best choice. You can easily create forms in seconds, without touching a single line of code and it is free to use.


Infiniforms provides different options to embed it in websites, use a wordpress plugin, share it on social networks or send the direct link to the form (here ‘s an example).

For each form they have a section to access the data people have entered. Data is arranged in a very confortable way.

The good thing about this service is that they provide 100 entries for each form for every month in free account. That is it can only be filled by 100 people each month. If we pass the limit we have to buy a premium account and they are not so expensive.

3. Collabedit, an online code editor to collaborate with other users in real time

Improvement in the Internet connections have made it possible to work and collaborate in realtime from any where on the planet. For example we can share our documents collaborative with other people in real time easily using software. Fortunately there are collaborative apps for programmers and one of them is Collabedit, an online tool that allows programmers to collaborate on write code.


As soon as you start Collabedit you can invite other people by sharing unique link. There is an integrated chat facility through which you can chat with the people that you have invited to collaborate, so you don’t have to move out of your browser. The Collabedit allows you to select the programming language to use.

This web tool can be of great use so I recommend you to take a look at it.

4. Unlimited free cloud storage – Sendit

There are many free cloud storage alternatives like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and so on. All of them offer free storage with a limit and much more features if we choose paid subscription.

But a very few know about a site like Sendit, a platform which offers unlimited free storage in the cloud. Sendit allow us to upload files to the cloud directly from the web or even through any FTP client.


Sendit offers many features that make it probably the best free online storage option. You also have the option to store without registration. In this case the files will only be online for 7 days.

5. Imgur’s new tool to convert videos to GIF

Imgur is a popular image sharing service that allows you to store and share images online. This platform has millions of photographs and has many users, many of these images are animated GIFs. That’s why the Imgur makers have created this new utility Video to GIF.


The main features of this online utility are shown below:

  1. Free online tool that does not require registration.
  2. We can convert any online video to animated GIF, simply by pasting YouTube url, Vimeo url or any video url.
  3. We can easily mark the part of the video that we want to convert it to GIF.

The GIFs created using this tool is stored in Imgur website, from there you can download and share GIF images online.

6. Create font combinations online – Fontjoy

If you are into the field of web design then you will know how difficult it is to find correct combination of fonts for text layouts. For this reason Fontjoy is created to find the best font combinations through learning.


The operation of Fontjoy is very simple. We have to click the Generate button to create a new pair of fonts, press Lock button to lock the fonts and Edit to choose the one manually. All the text on this page is editable so you can modify it as you like.

7. Create animated texts in GIF format

The new tool that we are going to see is Slate, which allow us to create GIF animations composed of text. It is completely free and without registration.


The operation of Slate is very easy, by looking it you can get idea, there is no need to explain operation. Once you create you can download the GIF image or you can share it on social media platforms.

8. Relaxing sounds and breathing

Let me introduce to a site called KeepRelaxing, a site that helps us to relax a bit in our breaks while we are working.


The site consists of sound of fire, sound of sea, sound of birds singing and the sound of rain. You can listen to all sounds at once or you can choose a combination between them. All sounds that you play can be listened in the browser itself.

This is something very innovative, not seen in other sites of this type. The volume of the sounds can be adjusted easily using the sound bars.

9. Web tool to convert batch of files to other formats

Conved is a free online tool to convert batch of files to other formats and doesn’t even need registration. The main purpose of this app is to convert batch of files without need of any application on our system. You can use this on any computer with any operating system.


Conved supports 90 different file formats and has simple interface and easy to use without any advertisements.

10. Make free video conferences without registration

Today let me introduce you to a service called Cyclops, which lets you do free video conferences without any registration over their site. And without installing anything and everything from the browser.


If you did like to share with other participants you need to use extension that allows you to share the screen with them. This service supports up to 8 people simultaneously.

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