12 Examples Of Captivating Preloaders With Animations

Preloaders are used on the sites where the loading process is not known most of the times. If the loading process is known it is best to use percentage or count. There are numerous captivating animated loader with percentage or count. You can browse through all types of different preloaders that have been created to capture the attention of the users.

Designers are coming with creative ideas to attract the users attention so that the waiting time can be a pleasant experience.

Some Of The Best Preloaders Found On The Web

#1 Sliding Square LoaderView

sliding square loaderview

#2 DotsLoaderView


#3 Simple Loader

simple loader

#4 Bird Loader

bird loader

#5 LittlePin Spinner

littlepin spinner

#6 No Halftime Loaders Petrick

no halftime loaders petrick

#7 Monkey Swinging Loader Hello Dribbble

monkey swinging loader hello dribbble

#8 Cooper Loader

cooper loader

#9 Loading…


#10 Ping-Pong Loader

ping pong loader

#11 SurveyPlanet App Loader

surveyplanet app loader

#12 Spinning Head

spinning head

Wrapping Up

Let us know what you think of these preloaders and where these loaders should be used in the comments below.

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