13 Best Android Launchers For Performance And Looks

One of the reasons Android dominance in the market is due to its customizability. Default launchers do not provide many customizations so people go for third party launchers. Installing third party launchers give a good number of customizations that they offer to play with.

These third-party launchers give you great look and fun user experience. They surely let you say goodbye to your default launchers on your Android phone. Day by day Android launchers has become more customizable, smart enough to give you new effects and most of all with rich features.

To help you select the best launcher from hundreds of apps on Play Store, here we have compiled a list of best Android launchers. We have briefly added a description for each Android launcher in this list.

13 Best Android Launchers

  • Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher is considered the most popular launcher of all.
  • Niagara Launcher: Niagara Launcher is the alternative to Nova Launcher. If you don’t like Nova then you must try this Niagara Launcher.
  • Evie Launcher: Evie Launcher is for more performance and fast response.
  • Action Launcher: Action Launcher will let you add amazing colors and layouts to your Android UI.
  • New Launcher: With New Launcher your Android phone will get a exciting new look.
  • Buzz Launcher: With Buzz Launcher you have more customizations at your hand.
  • Microsoft Launcher: Microsoft Launcher will give the look of Windows 10 to your Android phone.
  • Apex Launcher: Apex Launcher will gets you more with the system customization.
  • EverythingMe Launcher: EverythingMe Launcher is best for swiping to access quick menus.
  • Pixel Launcher: Pixel Launcher is initially designed for Pixel phones from Google but you can use it on your phone.
  • Google Now Launcher: Google Now Launcher is designed for non-Pixel phones by Google.
  • ADW Launcher 2: ADW Launcher 2 offers lot of UI based customizations to your phone.
  • Smart Launcher 5: Smart Launcher 5 is considered fast and lightweight when compared to other launchers.
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