15 Online Tools To Simplify Your Tech Life

You know the fascination that people have towards web applications, especially when they are free and allow us to perform all kinds of tasks without having to download or install programs on our computers.

All websites that I am listing here are free to use and some even don’t need registration. It depends on the need, preference and interest you have on these web applications to use them.

#1 CHMOD Command Calculator

chmod calculator

CHMOD Command Calculator allows you to quickly generate permissions in numerical and symbolic formats and is very helpful for terminal users who are administrating their server from terminal.

You can easily generate required permissions for files and folder and copy/paste your chmod command into terminal in seconds. All these action can also be done on any FTP client, but for terminal users this is a time saver.

#2 Slideship


Slideship acts as a online Powerpoint application but with minimal functionality. With Slideship you can easily create all kinds of presentation. All you have to do is select a template from available templates that you can easily modify to your needs.

You have the option to publish the created presentations and also to share them on social platforms. You can also export them as PDF document.

#3 Password Generator

password generator

We all know the importance of using strong passwords for our online accounts on different websites. With this simple free, no registration online tool you can generate strong passwords composed of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.

#4 Crypto Lite

crypto lite

The use of cryptocurrencies is increasingly common in day today life for transactions. This Crypto Lite page shows you a list of 100 most popular cryptocurrencies with their prices in US dollars.

#5 Vlipsy


Vlipsy allows you to create your own short videos and also you can perform search for short video clips and share them on social networks as GIFs.

#6 Digital Legacy

digital legacy

Digital Legacy is a curious web utility to leave a kind of testament or digital legacy after your death. Just store a message or hint that will be sent to your trustful friends once you have passed away.

#7 EXIF data

exif data

EXIF data is useful for every photographer, be it a naive photographer or a professional photographer, as it allows you to obtain information of how a photo has been captured. The website Pixel Peeper allows you to see the EXIF data of a photo without having to upload the photo to the website.

Just drag a photo into the browser window and it will show you all the information of EXIF and lightroom in a second.

EXIF data includes the time it was taken, model of the camera, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and etc. It also shows us the lightroom settings, if it has been edited with any software or not.

#8 StatiCrypt


StatiCrypt is simple tool it prevents people from copying source code from HTML pages, with one click you can encrypt static HTML pages. It also allows you to set password so that you can allow only interested people.

Just paste you HTML code of your page and it will generate an HTML encrypted file with password protected.

#9 Web Launch Checklist

web launch checklist

Launching a new website is not a cake walk, you have to perform a couple of essential tasks that will assure you that everything will work well. To have a checklist is very important and you can use Web Launch Checklist for this purpose.

Web Launch Checklist covers various aspects of optimization in a website such as performance, SEO, accessibility, security, content and functionality.

#10 Email Template Editor


Topol.io is a free email template editor which allows you to create HTML templates for our emails completely free of charge and most of all you don’t have to learn how to design.

You can easily modify the templates with built-in editor with just few clicks. All you have to do is just choose a template and start editing. There are 7 templates and more will be added in the future. Once editing is finished you can save and download the template for use in your email.

#11 Online Collaborative Virtual Board

aww board

AWW App is an online virtual board designed for sharing visual collaboration in real time. No registration is required to access basic version which offers minimal functionality such as drawing pen, writing in various colors and insertion and deletion of written texts, shapes, images.

#12 Transform spreadsheets templates into flashcards and educational games


Flippity is a site that allows you to transform Google spreadsheets, templates into flashcards and educational games. The site offers ready made educational activities such as flashcards, quizzes, memory games, crosswords, bingo and more. There is also a Chrome extension for this use.

#13 Google tool to transform data into animations

data gif maker

Data Gif Maker is a tool launched by Google to transform data into GIF animations. Enter two terms to compare, one on left and one on right and a number of other values separated by comma. It is possible to compare up to five series of data.

This tool is especially useful for showing latest trends, statistical study and much more.

#14 Fontjoy


Fontjoy allows you to make up to 3 font combinations. This is definitely good because we can choose font for title, subtitle and paragraph content. You can also see a list of recommendations for sources.

#15 Mixfont


Mixfont is a tool through which you can generate font combinations. By clicking on generate button you can generate different font combinations of possible sources. You can also view some popular font combinations and also the most voted combinations by people.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like these web applications that are helpful in some or other way. Let me know what you think of these web applications in the comments below.

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