2 Android Apps To Find Your Phone In A Room Or At Office

How often do you forget your phone at home or at office? If answer is more times then you need a new kind of app that helps you to find your phone at home or office.

There are several apps that allow you to find your smartphone, some only emit an audible alarm while others vibrate or start turning the screen on and off to find the phone in the dark.

Here are the two Android applications that allow you to find phone in your home or at office by just clapping.

Clap To Find My Phone

clap to find your phone

Clap to find my phone is an app to find the lost smartphone in a room or at the office with just clap, which includes several options to configure the app to suit the user. Some of the features can only be used with premium app.

Clap Phone Finder

clap phone finder

Clap Phone Finder is similar to the app mentioned above. The good thing about this phone is its simplicity. Just install and activate the app then you are ready to find you lost phone in a room.

Wrapping Up

These are simple apps but very useful in certain ways. Hope these apps help you to find your lost phone in home or at office.

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