2 New Features Of iOS 11 That Became Popular Before Release

The new iOS 11 isn’t officially released yet, but you can download and try the public beta version of iOS 11. PopSugar downloaded the public beta to check out the newest features that are going to be included in the official release. But I cannot guarantee anything about the inclusion now, just keep in mind that since this is a beta, the final version might look slightly different.

There are 2 new features of iOS 11 that attracted the eyeball of iPhone, iPad and Mac users. They are:

1. You can share a WiFi password with others in iOS 11.
2. You can type one-handed.

Quick And Easy Way To Share A WiFi Password In iOS 11

Asking for WiFi password is easier than before in the new iOS 11, you won’t need a piece of paper to write it down. You need to have your friend in your contacts and then put your devices (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) near each other, and share Wifi password. Whoever is already on the network will get a notification that another person is trying to join. You can approve and that person will receive Wifi password.

Here are the quick steps with screenshots

#1 Make sure you’re on the Wifi network

First make sure youre WiFi network you want share

Place your device close to your friend’s device.

#2 Your friend’s screen should look like this, when they request password.

Your friend screen should look like while wait your password sharing approval

#3 Tap share and your WiFi password is shared with your friend’s device.

Tap share let your Apple device do its magic

#4 It should only take few seconds to share Wifi password

Sharing your WiFi password should take few seconds youre done

This New Feature Coming To iOS 11 Will Make Typing So Much Easier

You can now type one handed

You can select 3 QuickType keyboards in iOS 11, one keyboard is for left-handed users, another is for right-handed users and then there’s the regular keyboard. The new keyboards are moved to one side of the screen, so it’s easier to type with one hand.

Wrapping Up

There are many other features that I came across and that are going to be released in iOS 11, but these two are popular and different features that provided a new insight. So I thought to share, what do you think of these features let me know in the comments. (Images from Popsugar.com).

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