2 Windows Apps For Automatic Emptying of RecycleBin

If you are not Windows 10 user then you usually perform manual emptying of RecycleBin every time it gets full. Many times we send files to RecycleBin and keep them for a while so we decide later whether to delete it or not. The truth is that the files in the RecycleBin also take up disk space. Sometimes we forget to empty RecycleBin and it ends up using lots of disk space.

In this case, you can use automated programs that clean your RecycleBin after a certain period of time and free up your disk space used by useless files. So we will see 2 Windows applications that automatically clean up useless files every 30 days.

  1. Auto RecycleBin

Auto RecycleBin is a Windows program compatible up to Windows 8.1, that automates the emptying of the bin. The program is completely free and offers many features like RecycleBin size, number of items in the bin, and more.

2. RecycleBinEx

RecycleBinEx is an easy to use and powerful RecycleBin manager for Windows. Features include sorting, grouping according to time, and more. RecycleBinEx is supported up to Windows 7 operating system.

Automatically Delete Trash On Windows 10

Deleting trash and removing unwanted files regularly from your Windows operating system helps regain the space on your hard drive. Though it can be done manually, you can just set automatic cleaning and forget it, so you don’t have to be keep reminded of it.

Follow these steps to automatically empty the recycle bin in Windows 10:

  1. Click on Start button and select Settings.
  2. Then select Storage on the left of the items list.
  3. Set the Storage Sense to ON. This will clean up unnecessary files from your system.
  4. To immediately clean up the bin, click on More Storage Settings and then click Clean Now.

This is how you can easily set up Windows 10 RecycleBin to automatically clean up your system.

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