20+ Chrome Extensions You Must Try Today

Google Chrome is one of the leading browsers on the world today. With so many extension at hand it is nearly possible to do any thing. In this article I’m going to talk about different Chrome extensions that everybody must try at today. It is worth taking note of these extensions as they are new and offer different functionality for the user.

#1 Bandwidth Hero

Bandwidth Hero is an excellent tool for those who want to save data (or bandwidth) by compressing images. You can find this kind of feature in Opera browser in the form of famous Turbo mode, that reduces web data so you can navigate faster by saving data.

bandwidth hero chrome extension

Bandwidth Hero intercepts all the outgoing image requests made by websites and sends each image through the compression proxy server. The proxy server then compresses and converts the image into grayscale image in WebP/JPEG format and sends to the browser.

bandwidth hero active

This means you will see black and white images on all websites. This helps save megabytes of data especially if you have low bandwidth plan.

Get Bandwidth Hero from Chrome Web Store

#2 Cato

It is very common that these days most people spend their most of the time browsing web. For some people it can be difficult to get used to browser shortcuts. Hence I present you Cato, a command line launcher for Chrome.

cato in action chrome extension

Cato can perform various tasks just simply by typing. The following are the features Cato can perform:

– Bookmark and un-bookmark pages
– Create new windows & tabs (including incognito)
– Close tabs (single or multiple)
– Copy the current URL
– Calculate numbers with the built-in calculator
– Change tabs
– Detach tabs from their windows
– Disable/Enable/Uninstall Extensions
– Duplicate the current tab
– Copy current URL
– Detach tabs
– Find bookmarks and open them
– Play/Pause videos
– Sort open tabs by URL
– Merge all browser windows into one.
– Open your Bookmarks, Downloads, History and Settings pages
– Toggle Bookmark
– Navigated your Pages & Tabs (Forward and back)
– Mute tabs
– Toggle Fullscreen mode
– Reload tabs (single or multiple)
– Search Google, Youtube and Gmail (more coming soon)


Get Cato from Chrome Web Store

#3 Anna Assistant


Once Anna Assistant is installed just say ‘Hey’ followed by the request and Anna will do it. Initially one might think that this extension may not be able to catch soft voice and some thing like that, but to our surprise it did well. With Anna you can do all sorts of things like searching Google, closing tab, finding weather, opening websites, send a tweet, compose a mail, ask directions on Google Maps, play youtube video, and so on.

Get Anna Assistant from Chrome Web Store

#4 Snippet

snippet chrome extension

If you are the one who do certain tasks repeatedly like writing a social post, then Snippet is just for you. Snippet allows you to write text using abbreviations. You can use Snippet to write quickly in social networks, emails, emojis, so on. Once published these abbreviated words are transformed into complete sentences. It may take some time to get adapted to this new writings but we cannot deny the time it saves for you.

Get Snippet from Chrome Web Store

#5 Chrome IG Story

chrome ig story chrome extension

Chrome IG Story is an Instagram addon that adds anonymous mode to view stories, it also lets you download them without knowing user. When you click on extension you will see an eye above the list of stories. Clicking on the eye activates the anonymous mode. Using this extension you can also see Instagram stories of people you do not follow.

Get Chrome IG Story from Github

#6 Toby for Chrome


With Toby you can end dozens of opened tabs and add them to collections to improve productivity and for faster browsing. Toby acts as a new tab page from where you can save, open, add, organize tabs into groups, so on.

Get Toby for Chrome from Chrome Web Store

#7 Sortd Smart Skin For Gmail


Sortd changes the Gmail account into easy to-do task list. Extension allows you to organize emails into different lists, usually be drag and drop. It offers many possibilities like mark them as completed, organize them according to priority, group several emails in a task, etc.

Get Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail from Chrome Web Store

#8 Loom – Video Recorder


Loom offers us a simpler way to record our voice, camera, current tab or entire desktop. Its like an alternative to desktop applications. The processing of video will take less than 15 minutes and the overall video will in just 10 seconds.

Get Loom – Video Recorder from Chrome Web Store

#9 Muzli 2 – Stay Inspired


We know that designers need constant inspiration, and if you are one of them then Muzli is just for you. It shows your design related content for inspiration in a large dose. It shows a new dose of inspired design content every time you open new tab. Everything you see on the new tab is manually selected by experts.

Get Muzli 2 from Chrome Web Store

#10 Mindful


We use browser for all our online needs, then why not use it as a note making tool? Mindful makes your browser a note making tool with a minimalist slate look which is synchronized between all our devices.

Get Mindful from Chrome Web Store

#11 MultiCopyPaste

multicopypaste chrome extension

MultiCopyPaste is an extended clipboard for Chrome browser. It lets you copy and paste multiple items using keyboard shortcuts. It also helps you increase productivity by saving lot of time especially if you are using same text frequently. A clear example is when we use spreadsheet, we must always copy and paste multiple items. As of now this extension is only available for Chrome, but soon they will launch it for other browsers as well.

Get MultiCopyPaste from Official Website

#12 Invideo for YouTube

invideo for youtube chrome extension

There are times when you want to search through video to find exact part of video but couldn’t do that. Luckily there is an extension for doing this exactly as you wanted called as Invideo for YouTube. This extension lets you search inside of YouTube videos whether it’s a lecture, movie or talk. You can find the exact word that is spoken in the video using this extension.

Get Invideo for YouTube from Chrome Web Store

#13 WorldBrain’s Memex

worldbrains memex chrome extension

With WorldBrain’s Memex you can search every word of every website you visited or bookmarked. You can find previously visited websites in seconds.

Get WorldBrain’s Memex from Official Website

#14 F*ck YouTube

fuck youtube chrome extension

If you find an interesting video on YouTube to only discover that the uploader hasn’t made the clip available in your country then you should definitely in need of F*ck YouTube Chrome extension. Alternatively you can also do it with VPN but using this extension is entirely VPN free. This extension is removed from the Chrome Web Store due to the violation of terms.

Get F*ck YouTube from Github

#15 Remote for Slides

remote for slides chrome extension

Remote for Slides lets you use your phone as a presentation remote for Google slides. As we all know that Google Slides lets you cast your presentations to a Chromecast equipped screen from your iOS and Android device.

Get Remote for Slides from Chrome Web Store

#16 Pouch

pouch google chrome extension

Pouch lets you access your Google Drive files, not only that you can find, filter, copy and search all documents that are stored in the Google cloud. This extension is definitely useful especially if you have large number of files stored in the Google drive. This extension has also got integration with Dropbox.

Get Pouch from Chrome Web Store

#17 Password Alert

password alert google chrome extension

Password Alert informs you of phishing scams online before you notice. Phishing scams have become so advanced that even Google is susceptible to more sophisticated attacks. Phishing attacks normally trick you into giving your sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or credit card information. If you suspect any phishing attack Password Alert is the one you need right now.

Get Password Alert from Chrome Web Store

#18 Jerkface Chrome

jerkface chrome extension

Jerkface Chrome is one evil extension because it drives anybody mad by slowing down YouTube video playback by 1% everyday until it reaches 70% of original playback speed. Any one who are not familiar with this extension surely wonder whats happening on their computer. Install it on your enemy computer and have fun ;P.

Get Jerkface Chrome from Git

#19 Hair on Screen

hair on screen google chrome extension

Hair on Screen is a simple extension that places a thin line on your display making anyone feel like there’s a hair on the screen. It won’t go no matter how hard you rub on your display. Just prank your friends that there is hair on the screen, you can add more hair to the screen from options.

Get Hair on Screen from Chrome Web Store

#20 Vocabify

vocabify google chrome extension

Vocabify helps to improve and build your vocabulary. You can add new words, instantly see definitions, examples and pronounciatuons, so on. There is also desktop app but extension makes easy to collect words while browsing.

Get Vocabify from Chrome Web Store

#21 Hashcut YouTube Clipper


With Hashcut YouTube Clipper you can slice your YouTube video online from your browser and share it on social networks. You don’t have to download and use third party video editor to cut the YouTube video and share it online. Hashcut saves you lot of time when it comes to cutting video clip from YouTube.

Get Hashcut YouTube Clipper from Chrome Web Store


These are just some good examples of extensions that are currently available for Google Chrome. If I have missed any thing that requires a mention in this list then let me know in the comments.

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