29 Useful Android Apps for Every User

If you are using Android mobile it doesn’t matter what you want to do, you can always find a suitable app for your job. From playing games to editing videos, Google Play Store has everything for you. Here in this post we I have listed different Android apps so go through each Android app.

#1 Internet Speed Meter

internet speed meter android app

Internet Speed Meter is a must have app for any user using mobile data plan. Does your mobile plan have a limit? Do you find always searching for signals? Are you wondering whether your service provider is giving you the speeds you pay for? If your answer is yes then you need Internet Speed Meter. Tell it about your data plan and it will keep track of how much data you have used this month. It gives you warning when the data used hit 90 percent. It can display mobile data speeds on the top left of your screen.

Google Play Store

#2 Google Files Go

google files go android app

Files Go is a file manager offered by Google, it’s much more advanced then the default file manager. It offers interesting features such as detection of unnecessary files to free up storage space, offline file sharing with other devices (at speeds up to 125Mbps), and many more. Google says the average person is saving around 1GB of space by using this app.

Google Play Store

#3 Unroll.me

unroll.me android app

If you’re not showing care about unsubscribing emails from your shopping websites then you probably have far too many junk newsletters and promotional subscriptions in your inbox. It’s a nuisance, but that is where Unroll.me comes to rescue.

Unroll.me, a service that can easily kill those unwanted subscriptions filling up your email inbox. Unroll.me’s new Android app works with your email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook and identifies subscriptions present in it. From there you can simply swipe to unsubscribe or keep them if you want. The app is totally free to use and it’s a dead simple way to get rid of spam subscriptions.

Google Play Store

#4 Owl Browser

owl browser android app

Owl Browser is private browser which is small in size, so it isn’t too heavy on the system. It also allows you to browse faster while maintaining your privacy at the same time.

Google Play Store

#5 BBC Good Food

bbc good food android app

BBC Good Food is a magazine published in Great Britain, which has thousands of recipes with new dishes added every day. You can also add your own recipes to the BBC recipe database, moreover you can also search for recipes, rate them. There is also a section for Indian recipes.

Google Play Store

#6 Genius Kitchen

genius kitchen android app

Can’t get enough of watching cooking TV shows? Genius Kitchen has arrived on Android to feast your eyes and to deliver your fill of culinary video. The app promises more than 150 hours of videos. It takes the world of food and pop culture and mixes it with each other to create a new taste of fun, edible entertainment. If you or someone you know likes to eat, then this is the app for you.

Google Play Store

#7 Android Oreo Launcher

android oreo launcher android app

Google announced that Pixel smartphones are released with latest Android called the Oreo. One of its features is Pixel Launcher and it is only available for Pixel devices. But if you want to try the launcher you do so by downloading the Rootless Pixel Launcher, available on Github.


#8 Datally

datally google android app

Datally could save you from running out of monthly data plan. It lets you monitor and reduce data consumption on your Android device. There is also WIFI finder and it also shows you consumption of data by app, daily consumption, weekly consumption and monthly consumption in a graph.

Google Play Store

#9 NavBar Animations

navbar animations android app

NavBar Animations lets you customize device’s navigation bar with its stylish and trendy animations. Just select an animation that you like and enable it. You can even change the animation speed, color and the animation triggers as per your choice.

Google Play Store

#10 DVD Netflix

dvd netflix android app

This Android app has come a while after the iOS version, which helps in managing your DVD collection directly from your phone. You can search, manage your queue, filter your movies collection and add new titles.

Google Play Store

#11 The Walking Dead Encounter

the walking dead encounter android app

The Walking Dead Encounter is offered free by TV network AMC and Mountain Dew. It lets you drop virtual zombies into the world around you. Right now you will just get two zombie types. To unlock more you need to scan certain packages of Mountain Dew.

Google Play Store

#12 CPU Info

CPU Info android app

CPU Info offers some good features when it comes to CPU cores, hardware, software, and battery. You can even measure the temperature of your battery and stop the heating up issues. It lets you monitor CPU and also inform you which of your phone’s CPU cores are running currently and at what frequency.

Google Play Store

#13 TunnelBear

tunnelbear android app

TunnelBear is a VPN service provider for desktop and mobile devices. The free version of this app comes with some restrictions like in bandwidth and number of countries you can select. You can unblock any website on the web easily.

Google Play Store

#14 Loop – Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker android app

Want to make or break a habit or just need to simply keep track of your habit schedule, Loop is just for you. You just need to tell the app about your habits and it will notify you when you are supposed to work on your habit by using beautiful graphs.

Google Play Store | F-Droid | Github

#15 OpenSignal

open signal android app

OpenSignal is an open source Android app. You won’t be using this app very often, but it’s your best choice when you lose network and wifi signals. The app creates a wifi and network tower map to find areas with best signal strength so that you could get connected by getting close to improve signals.

Google Play Store | Github

#16 Minimal Open Source Flashlight

Minimal Open Source Flashlight android app

It’s an open source app with only 39KB in size, meant only to turn on the flashlight. The flashlight stays on even if you close the phone’s screen. It is free of ads and probably one of the best flashlight apps.

Google Play Store | Github

#17 BatOn

baton android app

BatOn helps you find the remaining charging left in your wireless devices that are connected to your phone using blue tooth technology. For example you can find out remaining charge that is left in your wireless headphones connected to your Pixel phone.

Google Play Store


QKSMS android app

QKSMS is an open source Android app which comes with unique features that make it better than default Android messaging app. You can reply to messages without even opening the QKSMS app or without moving away from your current app. The features that are included in this app are night mode, group messaging, search bar, delay messages and many more.

Google Play Store | F-Droid | Github


MAPS.ME android app

This is the best app when it comes to offline maps, lets you download even maps of whole country. Not to mention it is very lightweight on system resources. Although most of the people prefer using Google Maps, this is definitely a must try app. It also shows you real time traffic information.

Google Play Store | Github

#20 Call History Manager

call history manager android app

If you ever want to export your call log this is the app you are looking for. Although it comes with ads, has many useful features like export call log, call statistics, fake call, send backup through email, restore, blacklist and more.

Google Play Store

#21 Movies Anywhere

movies anywhere android app

Disney’s Movies Anywhere let you link together multiple account of your purchased movie accounts like Play Store, Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon and so on. Right now, only movies from Disney, Fox, Warner Bros, Universal, and Sony Pictures are allowed.

Google Play Store

#22 Microsoft Edge

edge browser android iphone

Microsoft’s browser is streamlined and simplified to focus on getting you speedy content, and has features such as private browsing and voice search.

microsoft edge android ios synchronization pc

You can start browsing on mobile and then send it to your desktop browser. You can also sync passwords across all devices on Edge browser.

Google Play Store

#23 Letterun

letterun android app

One of the main problems with email is spam. For this reason we are not willing to share our email address on different online platforms. In that place we use disposable email addresses.

Letterun is an Android application with which you can get your favorite newsletters without having to give your email address. Operation is simple just follow the channel of a publication as you would do in social networks, newsletter will appear in that feed. It is also possible to stop following newsletter with a single touch.

Google Play Store

#24 DuckDuckGo

duckduckgo android app

Most people often forget that there are more search engines better than Google. And one of them is DuckDuckGo, it offers better features than Google search. Its a privacy centric search engine that will not sell your data to advertisers for money. DuckDuckGo has decent number of users base when compared to other search engines and this is only possible through its good features.

Google Play Store

#25 Secure Photo Viewer

secure photo viewer android app

Showing a photo to your friend on your phone comes with risk of exposing the embarrassing photos in your gallery. There is an app called Secure Photo Viewer to solve this problem. People will only see the photos that you share with Secure Photo Viewer app. It locks your device after they have viewed all photos.

Google Play Store

#26 Microsoft NTFS USB Driver

microsoft ntfs usb driver android app

Microsoft NTFS USB Driver is a tool offered by Paragon Software that allows you to access NTFS hard drive devices such s pen drives and hard disks without the need to connect to PC. Devices are connected in read-only mode so you cannot edit or delete files.

Google Play Store

#27 Drivemode

drivemode android app

Drivemode allows you to use your smartphone while driving, limiting distractions. You can respond vocally to messages, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, change destination when you receive a message containing address and enable “Do not Disturb” mode to ignore all messages and send a predefined answers.

Google Play Store

#28 Google Go

google go android app

Google has been focusing a lot of its efforts on making its services accessible from anywhere in the world, even in those places where Internet connections are extremely slow or unstable. And these efforts resulted in creation of Google Go, a search app focused on saving data.

Google Play Store

#29 YouTube Go

youtube go android app

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fast internet connection or an unlimited data plan. YouTube Go is a lite version of its YouTube app which allows you to download YouTube videos to watch later.

Google Play Store

Wrapping Up

I have listed 29 Android apps on this post, some of them are open source apps . I hope you like the list, let me know what you think of these apps? And which apps you liked most in this list in the comments below.

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