3 Chrome Extensions To Track Your Emails

Sometimes we feel upset or annoyed when we don’t get reply from receiver to whom we had sent mails. We never know if the mails we had sent are opened or read by the person. To help you in this case we have 3 services that will track your mail and let you know if the person opened or read your mail.

How to know if they opened the mails I sent

To find out this, we suggest you 3 mail tracking services which are free, that also have their pro versions.

Basically, the tracking is done by inserting code in the mail and the receiver don’t even know that. Once the mail is opened, the monitoring service will detect at what time it was opened, with which browser and OS etc.



Mailtrack is one of the first services that appeared on the web. It works with Gmail and Chrome browser through extension. It works as follows:

1. A single tick means the email has been sent correctly.
2. Two ticks mean that the recipient opened the mail.
3. An “x” means the mail cannot be crawled.

Email Tracker


Email Tracker is another option that lets us know if the recipient opened the mail. From the browser toolbar we can see a list of sent mails and we can even have notifications when they opened our mails.



Doubletick does not provide anything other than when recipient opened the mail. It is less sophisticated in its free version and you need to go to pro version for more features.

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