5+ Best Add-ons That Work With Firefox Quantum

With release of the latest Firefox Quantum many existing add-ons were rendered incompatible. However, Firefox is not short of extensions and it is not that difficult to find a replacement for those add-ons that no longer work.

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Here in this post I will list out 6 best add-ons that work with Firefox Quantum

1. Tab Center Redux

tab center redux

Tab Center Redux was part of the Firefox Test Pilot Experiment, where Firefox tested its new way of arranging tabs.

This add-on removes tab from the top and moves them to the left sidebar. It is useful especially if you are using wide screen monitor, you have lot of free space on the either sides of the screen.

Download from Firefox Add-ons Repository

2. Raindrop

raindrop addon firefox

Raindrop.io is an all in one bookmark manager, offers you a different way to store and manage your favorites. The extension organizes all your favorites in a beautiful interface that you can visit each time you open a new tab or on your home page.

Download from Firefox Add-ons Repository

3. Dictionary (Google ™ Translate) Anywhere

google translate dictionary firefox addon

As the name suggests it works as a dictionary and also translates words, you can translate any word you select without leaving current tab. You will get a popup windows right after you click on translate button. The translate button appear when you select text or a word on the page.

Download from Firefox Add-ons Repository

4. OneTab

onetab firefox addon

With OneTab you have one of the easiest ways to manage tabs and save memory. Extension create a list of all open tabs in the current tab without having to keep each tab open and consuming memory.

Download from Firefox Add-ons Repository

5. Suspend Tab

tab suspender firefox addon

With this extension active the tabs you have kept open will enter sleep mode after they spend certain amount of time unattended to save memory. The tabs are still there, only that they will be asleep waiting for your attention without consuming more resources unnecessarily.

Download from Firefox Add-ons Repository

6. Elite Download Manager

elite download manager firefox addon

The Firefox download button is not bad, but this one is better. You have access to all your downloads from the pop-up box, you can manage all the downloads individually.

Download from Firefox Add-ons Repository


Hope you like these upgraded add-ons that work with Firefox Quantum browser. Let me know in the comments below if I have missed any add-on that you liked most.

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