5 Tools For Instagram Power Users

In October 2010 Instagram quickly gained popularity attracting more than 100 million active users. By the time Facebook acquired it, the user base swelled to more than 400 million and now it is one of the top social networks.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today and can be an interesting platform to consider within social strategy. Whether you are follower or publisher these following tools will help you get more out of Instagram.

#1. See And Download Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram has not added this feature but many would like if it exists, the ability to see the stories of your friends anonymously.

You can get this feature by installing Chrome IG Story extension, it not only adds anonymous mode to view stories, it also lets you download Instagram Stories without user knowledge.

When you install this extension you will see a eye icon just above list of stories. Clicking on it activates the anonymous mode. You can see the stories as many times as you want and download them all without person’s knowing it.


In the list of contacts who have seen the story, your name will not appear, the user will not know anything.

In addition to anonymous mode, IG Story adds button to the top bar from which you can view, share, download and find stories from other users. That is, you can see the Instagram stories of people you do not follow.

This feature is available for desktop users and is not available for Android and iOS users.

#2. Desktop Client For Instagram

The ability to publish images to Instagram through clients was limited and only allowed through official clients, but this is changing with time. With Ramme, the desktop client for Instagram that mimics the official application you can do most of what you do on web version.

At the moment there are no filters to apply to images, although it is likely to be implemented in future versions. As the software is open source the source code of the application is available on GitHub.

#3. Instagram Official App For Windows 10

There are many desktop clients for Instagram but with a limitation in the API that is offered for the developers only fewer images can be published to the online platform.

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As the official Instagram app arrives in the store and this limitation has disappeared. This app can be installed on all devices that are running Windows 10 operating system.


The appearance of the application is very similar to all devices as that used to be in Android devices, so any Instagram user will not have any difficulty in using it.

#4. Schedule Posts On Instagram

The possibility of scheduling posts helps us to reach more followers if they knew the best publishing times, and those times when your community is most active.

Later is an mobile app and also a web app where you can use the program to schedule and publish your posts directly to Instagram platform. The publishing is not done automatically, the mobile app alerts you that it is the time to publish your post on Instagram.


Later app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

#5. Create Video With Your Photos Of The Last Month On Instagram

If you are one of the Instagram users who share their impressive photos and videos then you will find 30DaysPics interesting.

This online tool is totally free to use, allows you to generate video with the most popular photos of your Instagram account during the last 30 days. It takes few seconds to process images and generate video.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like these tools that help you to use Instagram in a different ways. Let me know in the comments below what you think of these tools? Have I missed any other tool that you have been using?

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