6 Web Hosting Providers That Provide Free WordPress Website Migration

Whether you want to move your site to a new web hosting provider or unhappy with the existing web hosting provider. We give you 10 web hosting providers with free WordPress website migration.

Web Hosting Provider With Free Website Migration


Being around since 2006 HostPapa gained a good number of international customers and has over 5,00,000 websites on its servers. One main cause of their rise is due to they offer support in different languages such as English, French, Spanish, and German.


Krystal hosting was founded in 2002, offers a variety of hosting solutions. The company is built on solid infrastructure and network that are capable of delivering top class services to their clients.

United Hosting

United Hosting has been providing good quality services to their clients since 1998. This company has over 8,00,000 websites on their servers. This hosting is a good option if you are looking to host a website in and around the UK.


LiquidWeb is a robust web hosting services that a lot of companies trust. LiquidWeb doesn’t offer cheaper shared hosting services. If you are using shared hosting website then you need to look at another hosting provider.


InterServer has been around since 1999 is a New Jersey-based company. Provides different type of hosting plans including shared, VPS, Reseller, so on.


Founded in 1999, Site5 has been providing niche service for designers and developers. Its servers are located in different parts of the world ( in North America, South America, Europe, Asia).

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