7 Best PC Cleaning And Optimization Utilities You Must Use

Using software programs daily (especially web browsers) creates lot of unwanted files be it temporary Internet files, backup files, error logs, last used files, etc. Which occupy precious system space and some times make programs work slow. This is a matter of concern especially if you are running out of free space on your primary (operating system) drive.

So it is recommended that you delete all these unnecessary files to free up space. There are different programs which help you to delete files and free up system space, so let us take a look at some of them.


ccleaner free application

CCleaner is the most popular PC cleaner and optimization tool for Windows. It supports vast variety of programs that no program has offered till now. Apart from removing unwanted files it also offers built-in tools like registry cleaner, uninstall tool, manage startup programs, disk analyzer, duplicate finder, and drive wiper.

Download CCleaner


bleachbit cleaner

BleachBit is a through cleaner, the best thing is it is free and is available for multiple platforms (like Windows, Linux and Mac). It has multiple tasks for cleaning and optimization so that your computer works more faster and will be more stable. It supports most of software programs today. BleachBit is available in 64 different languages and can also be used fom the command line.

Download BleachBit

Black Bird Cleaner

black bird cleaner

Black Bird Cleaner is another cleaner program to keep our computer clean and optimized. It is availbale as paid version you can choose free version when downloading the program. It deletes garbage files, cookies, temporary files, memory dumps, thumbnail cache, font cache, etc. The program offers many advanced features that are suitable for experienced users.

Download Black Bird Cleaner

Kaspersky Cleaner

kaspersky cleaner

Kaspersky Cleaner is a new product from Kaspersky, a well known company that develops antivirus and security programs. It is important to perform daily cleaning of your Windows to eliminate useless files, there are many different tool that perform this task and is included in Kaspersky Cleaner. It performs system cleanup, restore system settings, remove activity traces, etc.

Download Kaspersky Cleaner



FileCleaner is a PC cleaner and optimizing tool similar to CCleaner. Supports different programs in Windows to eliminate temporary files, junk files, registry keys and more. FileCleaner is free and compatible with all versions of Windows, its interface is much similar to CCleaner program.

Download FileCleaner

Synei Disk Cleaner

synei disk cleaner

Synei Disk Cleaner is another cleaner tool which offers 3 modes of operation normal mode, complete mode and extreme mode. Those who are having extensive knowledge can activate the advanced mode which will give more control over the tasks it performs.

Download Synei Disk Cleaner


SlimCleaner is one of the complete cleaner tools which performs cleaning and optimization of Windows. It also has tools like defragmentation, automatic software updates, uninstalling applications, disk analysis, etc.

Download SlimCleaner

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