8 Best Apps to Monitor Data Usage on Android

There are many different Android apps to track the data usage. Data monitoring has become a part of the essential apps in our daily mobile usage. With the high-speed 4G/5G connections, it is an almost inseparable part of your mobile phone. It lets you keep watch on the overall data usage and your data plan.

Here is our list of 8 best apps to monitor data usage.

My Data Manager:

My Data Manager is bundled with a complete pack of features when it comes to data monitoring. The simple graphic user interface gives you an idea about your overall data usage. Some of the interesting features include individual app data consumption order by day, data usage in shared plans, alarms to warn you of plan completion and data limit, ability to predict future usage based on current usage, so on.

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Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed:

This ad-free app is a little bit different from the rest of the apps in this section. It has a speed test feature, which you can use to compare your speed with other users in your region on a map based on your location and network availability. It also got an integrated task manager to view and stop data consuming apps.

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Samsung Max:

Samsung Max not only saves data but also helps you keep track of the data usage. You can easily find out which app is consuming data in the background by looking at data timeline. You can turn off particular app consuming data by going into App Management app.

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Internet Speed Meter:

Internet Speed Meter as the name suggests it display internet speed meter on the status bar along with other parameters like refresh rates etc. This app is set to display day wise mobile and Wi-Fi usage, upload and downloaded data separately or combined, you can choose to auto start the app if you want, etc.

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Data Usage:

Data Usage displays internet data usage in a simple interface. Features include real-time data monitoring, works with any billing cycle, usage alerts, data usage per day, future usage predictions, alerts for data consumption, progress bars indicating data exhaustion, and more.

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Network Connections:

As the name suggests this app monitors app that consuming data in the background. The app will show you IP addresses of app server to which data is sending and receiving. You can even find the location of the destination server of any suspicious app. In the free version you have limited features, to unlock and get full features, you need to buy the full version.

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Data Usage Monitor:

Data Usage Monitor comes with clean GUI with features like mobile/Wi-Fi data monitor, app-specific traffic, detailed data usages, app-specific usage breakdown, order by day wise, widget for real-time speed display and more.

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Dodol Phone:

This app does only one thing, that is it gives a full picture of usage of your phone, including tracking of data usage, SMS and voice minutes. It displays data usage in real time with the help of a widget, and will alert you if your data plan is getting exhausted.

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In my opinion, My Data Manager is one of the best apps around and is also lightweight when compared with other apps. There are plenty of apps in the play store with different features this compilation is just a tip of the iceberg. If you have anything that we have missed, please let us know in the comments.

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