8 Common Myths About Smart Phones One Can’t Ignore

Mobile phones have been around for almost a decade now. Almost every one in this world has a mobile phone these days. They are convenient and portable, and allows us to connect with people all around the world. This makes most of us to carry mobile phone with us all the times. It has become a essential part of our life both in our personal as well as professional.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about how we use mobile phones these days and how they affect us. So here is a quick summary of myths that you need to pay attention to.

Myth #1: SMS is secure communication

You think SMS is secure right? But its not, SMS isn’t encrypted so it can be accessed by anyone who knows how to get access to your phone remotely.

Myth #2: Smart phones don’t need antivirus

We might think that antivirus is needed for computers only. But that’s not true. Your smart phones also needs one. Your phone is basically a mini computer. Browsing web from your phone can put your phone at risk of all computer viruses that impact computers in turn they can also infect your smart phones. Think of all the important information your smart phone has like contacts, emails, SMS, banking apps, etc., These risks can be avoided by installing antivirus on your smart phone.

Myth #3: You should not leave charging overnight as it causes shorten battery life and can even damage device

It was true in the past that charging overnight might cause overheating and even explode in some extreme cases. Hence the belief was born that it is bad to leave your mobile phone charging all night long. As the technology got better, all the modern electronics with rechargeable batteries are now equipped with safety circuits which prevent it from overheating and even damaging the device.

Myth #4: Don’t lift call when your phone is charging because it can explode

This is caused in most of the cases where low quality batteries and duplicate chargers are used. If you use company batteries and chargers this can be avoided and you won’t have any problem.

Myth #5: If we close the open apps it will save some battery or use a app killer

If you think when we close all open apps it will help decrease workload on battery then you are wrong. Even if you leave an app open it doesn’t do anything and it won’t use up any resources. So if you close the apps you wont save any battery.

Myth #6: Don’t use your smart phone while charging

This is more than just a myth. You don’t get electrocuted or catch fire while using your smart phone when it is getting charged. There is no danger in playing around with your phone nothing will happen to you.

Myth #7: Disable WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS to save battery

This was true for older smartphones. But with latest smart phones keeping WiFi or Bluetooth switched on will not drain the battery. Latest operating systems are optimized in a way so that they are used only when required.

Myth #8: Don’t charge your phone until it is completely discharged

This was true of older phones where your phones came with different kind of batteries called nickel-metal hydride batteries. But all latest devices today use lithium-ion batteries, which are far better than its older nickel batteries.

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