#8 WhatsApp Tips And Tricks From The Pros

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app. So we would like to provide you tips and tricks for getting most out of this messaging app.

#1 Get WhatsApp Web On Your Tablet

This is the easiest way to get WhatsApp on your tablet, but your smartphone needs to be continuously connected to the Internet on your WiFi, as the all conversations happen through your phone.

Even though WhatsApp Web is intended for desktop computer you can easily use it on your tablets just by selecting the option Request desktop site on your Chrome browser menu.

whatsapp web on mobile tablet

Now you can see the QR code. Scan the QR code with your WhatsApp QR code scanner and now you can use WhatsApp on your tablet using WhatsApp Web.

#2 Install WhatsApp On Your Tablet

As we all know WhatsApp is not meant for tablets, but that doesn’t make people avoid WhatsApp from using on tablets. There are some workarounds you can use to install WhatsApp on your tablet like installing an APK, accessing WhatsApp web, so on.

First you need to download the WhatsApp APK from credible and safe source like APK Mirror. You need to download the APK which says Universal under Architecture, otherwise it won’t be installed.

In APK Mirror you will be presented with inverse ordered list, meaning that the newest version will be at the top. Select the one and download it to your tablet. You won’t be getting any automatic updates from the PlayStore. You have to check the newest version on APK Mirror for updated version.

To install this APK on your tablet you will need to confirm allow you system to install apps frm unknown sources. Run the app, agree to the WhatsApp terms and conditions. You will see error message, just tap on OK and follow next steps.

whatsapp apk app on tablet

In the next step enter your mobile number (that you have not activated your WhatsApp account, if you use same number your existing WhatsApp on your smartphone won’t work, so here use a landline number) and sync your smartphone contacts with tablet through Google account.

#3 Send WhatsApp Messages To Numbers Not Present In Your Contacts

You can easily send WhatsApp messages to new numbers that are not present in your contacts. There is an app called WhatsDirect – Tool for WhatsApp developed by Syscron with which you can communicate with new numbers that are not stored in your contacts.

whatsdirect tool whatsapp

You can also send multimedia contents using WhatsDirect app. Once you send the message to new numbers the reply comes in official WhatsApp so you need to have both official WhatsApp and WhatsDirect app on your phone.

#4 Download WhatsApp Status

There is an app called Status Downloader for WhatsApp with which you can download all status images, videos and also lets you share right from app to your friends.

Using the Status Downloader for WhatsApp, you need to see the status on your WhatsApp and then open Status Downloader app to download the images and videos in those status.

#5 Link Two WhatsApp Accounts

You can link two Whatsapp accounts by using Parallel Spaces app. Following video explains how to do it.

#6 Share Photos With High Quality

You should be sending photos with Gallery option, but you should know that if you send photos as Document in your WhatsApp, the photograph will be shared with maximum quality without losing quality.

whatsapp document option

#7 Pin Conversations So They Appear First

If you constantly chat with people in your contacts then pinning those contacts so they appear first is the best thing you can do and WhatsApp provides this feature.

Pinning Contacts will help you to always have the most important contacts first within your app. To pin contact just hold down on the contact and press pin at the top of the panel.

pin contacts whatsapp

#8 Send Any File Type In WhatsApp [100 MB Max]

WhatsApp placed limit for photos, videos and audio files, the limit is 16 MB. Similarly it has also placed limit on documents such as pdf, docx, txt, xls, ppt to 100 MB. Any document greater than this limit will be rejected.

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