83+ Most Useful .htaccess Tips And Tricks

Are you looking for useful .htaccess tricks for your WordPress blog? You are at the right place. What exactly is .htaccess? .htaccess is a configuration file that webmasters use to control some aspects of your website in Apache server.

.htaccess file is simple and are composed of text, they can be edited in any basic text editor in your operating system. If you would like to access the file directly on server you can use Telnet and SSH. The .htaccess file begins with dot such notation tells the operating system that it is a hidden file.

Here in this article we have selected most of the .htaccess tips and tricks that are available on the web. If there are any that you would like to add to this list then let us know in the comments below.

12 Most Useful .htaccess Tricks for WordPress By WPBeginner

WPBeginner lists some of the most useful .htaccess tricks for your WordPress website. Many of the tricks that are listed can be tried right away.

21 Very Useful .htaccess Tips And Tricks By ViralPatel

Viralpatel talks about the default name of .htaccess (hypertext access) and how it allows for management of webserver configuration. Purpose of .htaccess and overriding of many configuration settings. The list of useful .htaccess tips include some of the directory level tricks.

Stupid .htaccess Tricks By PerishablePress

PerishablePress is a well known and popular website for WordPress tips and tricks. The article Stupid .htaccess tricks covers almost all topics in the book.

25 Useful Apache .htaccess Tricks To Secure And Customize Websites by Tecmint

Tecmint talks about the importance of websites and how they serve us to expand business, knowledge and more. The advancement in the server programming languages and scripting languages lead to the existing technologies and what left is expected to follow soon in near future. The article further talks about the common uses of CMS and its requirement to sustain in the existing competition. The list of .htaccess tricks in this article consists of most used ones which you can follow right away.

17 Useful .htaccess Tricks And Tips

The introduction of the article as follows. Queness has some 17 tested .htaccess tips that are essential in protecting your webserver against malicious attacks and some web server optimizations. And these tricks may not be noted by the many people and undermining the power of .htacess file. The list of .htaccess tricks in this article are tested by the author himself so don’t hesitate to follow these tricks without a second thought.

8 Cool .htaccess Tricks By Patpohler

This article says that most people including the author of this article doesn’t know about .htaccess and it is completely a mystery. He used to copy and paste most of the code and not really understanding what is going on ie how and why the file works. He tells us how to fine tune the Apache configuration file and enable and disable the features of Apache configuration file. The list consists of hot-linking of images and crawling which you can use on your website.

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