9 Best Free Online RSS Feed Readers

There are countless websites that produce articles on daily basis, but how that information reach users? And how single users find what they want in those tons of articles? Thankfully we have RSS readers.

Using RSS feeds you get a unified way to see latest updates from different sources. In this post, we discuss some of the popular online RSS feed readers.


inoreader view

InoReader is bundled with a vast amount of customization options like the way articles are displayed (lists, cards, grid, columns so on), the font size, whether the text should occupy the full width of the window, so on. Almost everything is customizable giving you a total personalized reader to your liking. The basic version is enough for most users but you can opt for paid version which is $1.25 per month ($15 per year). There are apps for iOS and Android as well.

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feedly rss reader

Feedly is very popular among bloggers. After the disappearance of Google Reader, Feedly was the only feature-rich alternative at that time. However maybe it is popular, it too has some limitations like you cannot have more than 500 feeds in your free account. One of the popular features in Feedly is its UI, feeds are displayed in a stylish way.

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feeder rss reader

Feeder is very simple to use when compared to other RSS feed readers. There is one thing most users like in this feed reader, that is it has Simple View and Full View. In Simple View, you can view only text and multimedia content whereas in Full View you can see the entire web page contents in the RSS reader itself.

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The Old Reader:

the old reader rss feed reader

The Old Reader existence comes around the time when Google Reader disappeared from the web. Since then The Old Reader gained the much need popularity. The Old Reader lets you connect with Facebook and Google accounts to know that your friends are reading. The online version only supports 10 subscriptions, you can go for Premium version which removes all existing limitations and add more features.

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flipboard rss feed reader

Flipboard is somewhat similar to Feedly when it comes to displaying feeds in magazine-style layout and gives a different perspective to users. It provides analytics insights such as page flips, view counts, viewer count, etc. You can also create your own magazine from your feeds to your self or can share it with the public using Flipboard.

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g2reader free online rss feed reader

G2Reader is a kind of regular RSS feed reader with all the essential features added. The only drawback is that it allows only 100 subscriptions per free account. And the premium version costs $29 a year.

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Feedreader Online:

feed reader online free rss feed reader

Feedreader online existed from very long back, maybe a decade. At first, it appeared as an application for the Windows operating system and later it completely shifted to the web as a web-based feed reader. At first, you may not like its UI, but you can quickly scan the headlines from top to bottom. Feedreader provides some useful features such as keyboard shortcuts, bookmark feeds, so on.

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feedspot online free rss feed reader

Feedspot is another free RSS feed reader, with a built-in search feature that allows you to search your content. It has another important feature which recommends sites to subscribe based on the interests and subscribed feeds in your account. Premium version of Feedspot gives you advertisement-free RSS reader.

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Good News:

good news online rss feed reader

Good News is another RSS feed reader with all the need features. The unique feature it has when compared to other RSS reader is it has 12 viewing modes. Which you can use to view your content in your favorite viewing mode.

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Of all these RSS readers InoReader is my favorite online RSS reader as it has many different customization features, viewing modes, so on. You can also choose other RSS readers featured in this list as they offer different features to its users.

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