9 Best Ways To Send Large Files Over The Internet

Despite the increase in Internet speed, sending large file over the Internet continues to be a problem for many users. Thankfully there are few ways to share big files on websites that have made uploading, downloading and managing large files easy.

We recommend 9 best ways to send large files over Internet. Each of these services come with different features, select the best one that suits your needs.

#1 Filemail

Filemail offers 30GB file size limitation for sending. And 7 days time limit to download the file. Pro-accounts has unrestricted features, you can try if you want.

#2 MyAirBridge

MyAirBridge is another website where you can upload files up to 20GB and a bandwidth limit of 100GB (for guests without registration). It also has password protection for uploaded files and a transfer expiration of 3 days. Pro-accounts offer more features if you would like to use.

#3 pCloud Transfer

pCloud Transfer is one of best sites to send large files over the Internet, you can send up to 5GB. It requires no registration and 100% free. One of the main features it offers is that it has an option to encrypt files. Something many users find valuable.

#4 File Dropper

File Dropper allow you upload large files up to 5GB. Using this service is simple, just upload and get the download link, share it with your friends. This website offers no additional features.

#5 Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is the best option to send the large files over Internet, we can send files of up to 4GB. Send Anywhere offers you the download link and email it from its own interface. One notable point here is, it also generates a QR code to facilitate downloading on mobile devices.

#6 WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a popular option for sending large files over Internet, with which we can send files of up to 2GB. Using this service is very simple, upload the file, fill in optional message and click transfer button to get download link. Now share this link via email, or on social platforms with your friends.

#7 Hightail

Hightail is another service which allows you to send files up to 250MB using a free account. It also offers storage space of 2GB and the uploaded files has an expiration date of 7 days. Pro accounts offer unlimited storage and file send limit to 25GB and above.

#8 Volafile.org

Volafile.org is little bit different from other file sharing services. It does not ask user for email, phone number and any other confidential stuff, you don’t even need to register to use.

You need to create a room (like a chat room) and share the link with your friend to chat while uploading the files. Unlike other file sharing services this provides privacy for its user. You can also invite more than one people to the room.

Other important thing about this service is uploaded files last for about 2 days before they are deleted.

#9 Use Cloud Storage

Apart from large file sharing sites you can also use Cloud storage services if they have available space to upload file. Cloud storage services provide the easiest way to share files, as many people have accounts and storage space. Some of the big Cloud storage providers are mentioned below:

1. Dropbox
2. Google Drive
3. OneDrive
4. MediaFire
5. Box


The online file sharing services mentioned above will cater all your needs. If you think this article needs mention of any other service that I have missed then let me know in the comments. Also don’t forget to mention which of these services from the above list you used and liked most.

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