9 Latest Browser Extensions Make Your Tasks Much Easier

Introduction of browser extension has seen a lot of change in the work which made it easier than before. Without these browser extensions, life will be boring and unproductive. Variety of different browser extensions are being created daily and released on the web. I have found some of the useful browser extensions which I am going to present in this article.

Take YouTube Video Screenshots

There are many different screenshot taking applications today. Screenshots are not new any more. But taking YouTube videos screenshot is something different. Recently some developers have released Chrome and Firefox extensions to take YouTube video screenshots.

YouTube screenshot

These extensions basically add a new button to the YouTube player. When you press that button extension takes the screenshot of the YouTube video that you are watching. This is a very simple extension. The screenshot dimensions and file size may vary depending on the available resolution of the YouTube video. You can download them from the following links.

Firefox Addon | Chrome Extension

This Chrome Extension Will Easily Manage Any Number Of Tabs

Browsers provide with many different useful features which make our work easier and productive. And one of these features includes the new tab feature. With this, you can any number of new tabs until your intended work is done. While it is easy to open numerous tabs, finding one may become a difficult task.

tab manager plus for chrome

Today we talk about an extension that seems to solve this problem. It has a unique way of showing all the open tabs in all the open browser windows, so you can easily find the tab that you are looking for. Other than this it also has a search engine which allows you to search the tab that you are looking for.

Download Tab Manager Plus for Chrome from Web Store

This Chrome Extension Will Quickly Find Open Tab You Are Looking For

This new Chrome extension is called “Wquicktabs”, it has a small search engine through which you can search and find the opened tab in the heap of tabs. The good thing about this extension is that it allows you to search both the name of the page and the content in it.

Once installed on your Chrome browser it works like magic on finding the specific open tab. It was developed by Argentinean developer Walter Gammarota. You can easily download this extension from the Chrome Play Store.

Download Wquicktabs from Chrome Web Store

Now You Can Activate Night Mode In Google Docs Using This Extension

In recent years we have seen many developer and companies making their applications and even operating systems switch to dark modes. While dark mode makes it easy to work in the night without disturbing our sleep cycles.

dark mode for google docs

We know that Google Docs comes in with the white background and this is not good when you are working especially at night, with all those luminosities you may disturb your sleep cycle. The extension was created by Sahil Lavingia, who says that the white background is replaced by dark background and buttons and text are replaced by grey color.

Download Darkdocs from Chrome Web Store

This Browser Extension Copies All Code Snippets From Websites

Many websites on the web like Stack Overflow, blogs, social sites and tech forums that has code snippets can be used in projects. With CodeCopy extension you can easily copy all the code snippet from any website with the click of a button. This extension adds a button to the pre tags on the website.

Once installed this extension adds a button “Copy To Clipboard” to the code snippet. It works on all popular websites like GitHub, Stack, so on. The browser extension is available for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Download from Github

New Tab Totally Blank

This extension places a blank new tab with a white background without any content as the name suggest ‘Blank New Tab Page’. If you love minimalism then this extension is for you.

Download Blank New Tab Page from Chrome Web Store

All Your Messaging In One Place

all in one messenger chrome extension

Thanks to All in One Messenger, it has brought all the messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Skype and more to one place. Through tabs, you can easily manage the apps.

Download All in One Messenger from Chrome Web Store

Reduce Browser Memory Consumption

the great suspender chrome extension

Our browsers can easily freeze due to the number of opened tabs and the content that it is loading. Content such as flash videos, audios will take a lot of time and hence browser freezes from time to time to load such resources from the web. So to prevent such thing from happening we have browser extension called “The Great Suspend”. The good thing about this extension is that we can select individual tabs to pause that we don’t want them to use system resources.

Download The Great Suspend from Chrome Web Store

Avoid Opening Duplicate Tabs

While many of use different websites and may open up a number of duplicate tabs without our knowledge. To prevent opening duplicate tabs we have an extension called “Clutter Free”. Which aims to cut down duplicate tabs. It will open the actual tab if you try to open a duplicate tab.

Download Clutter Free from Chrome Web Store

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