A Quick Way To Search Multiple Platforms At The Same Time

There aren’t many ways to search multiple platforms at the same time from your browser. But today we found a way from where you do searching on multiple platforms at once.

Search Funnel Chrome browser extension screenshot

The extension for Chrome browser called Search Funnel allows you to do this that is search multiple platforms at once. It has a simple interface, once installed, you will have to click on the icon on the extension bar of Chrome. A window will appear with all different platforms to choose from.

You can choose them as per your need and enter the desired keyword to search those selected platforms. It has another option, the same tab, and new tab. The search results will be displayed with that selected option, either in the same tab or new tab.

So far extension can search on Google, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, IMDB, eBay, Spotify, and Pinterest.

This is a great extension for those who perform searches frequently on different platforms. It would have been great if one can add his own search engines individually based on his taste.

We recommend you to use this extension and take a look at its operation.

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