How To Activate Dark Mode On Different Applications And Websites

Who doesn’t like dark mode? It is good to have an option to change the interface for something less bright when our eyes get tried of all the white we usually see on the screen. This is why many applications and websites added dark themes to their platforms.

google dark mode

If you are looking for list of applications and web apps that use dark mode then this Dark Mode List will definitely be helpful to you.

Dark Mode List was created by Andrey Azimov, a Ukrainian developer who uses apps in dark mode, he couldn’t find the list of applications and web apps that offer dark mode so he himself made this list.

Currently this list consists of 40 applications and sites that have dark mode or the third party tools to activate the dark mode.

Apart from this you can also use browser extensions to switch into dark mode. Here is the list of dark mode extensions, you can choose the one that best suits you.

#1. Hacker Vision

hacker vision chrome extension

Hacker Vision is a trail version of extension which we can try for 6 months for free after that you have to buy premium. After installing extension you need to enter Google account details to use. Then it inverts all the colors that we see on the Internet, hence the name Hacker Vision. You can switch between Hacker Vision and normal from the extension menu.

Get Hacker Vision from Chrome Web Store

#2. Dark Reader

dark reader chrome extension

Dark Reader is a free extension unlike Hacker Vision, it is slightly better than the Hacker Vision, the colors used in the dark mode are eye relaxing. It also has additional features like Filter, Font, Site List for adjusting brightness, changing fonts and creating list of sites for dark mode.

Get Dark Reader from Chrome Web Store

#3. Night Mode Pro

night mode pro chrome extension

Night Mode Pro addon is simple, it provides two options normal mode and night mode to switch easily between them. You can adjust the brightness by moving the slider left and right. Apart from that it has Add Current Page to Whitelist feature for using during night mode.

Get Night Mode Pro from Chrome Web Store

#4. High Contrast

high contrast chrome extension

High Contrast has On and Off switch to start the dark mode on your browser. It also gives some preferred color schemes such as normal, increased contrast, inverted color, inverted Grayscale. Some additional features like Apply to all sites and Only to current site.

Get High Contrast from Chrome Web Store

#5. Night Screen

night screen chrome extension

Night Screen is some what similar to Hacker Vision but this extension inverts CSS colors and not images.

Get Night Screen from Chrome Web Store

#6. Night Mode

night mode chrome extension

Night Mode does the work good, it gives you pleasant smooth dark colors in the night mode.

Get Night Mode from Chrome Web Store

#7. Deluminate

deluminate chrome extension

Unlike other extensions which are inverting image colors Deluminate slightly changes the colors of images in dark mode.

Get Deluminate from Chrome Web Store

Wrapping Up

Hope you like this post on how to activate dark mode on different applications and websites. If I have missed any thing in this post please let me know in the comments below.

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