Allow Non-Admins (Like Authors, Editors, Contributors, Subscribers) To Use Certain WordPress Plugins

While there is no plugin or something like that to allows non-admins to use certain WordPress plugins, but you can make little changes in plugin code to make sure plugins are available to use for Authors, Editors, Contributors, and Subscriber.

This involves editing your plugin. One important point, before editing your plugin make sure you contact that plugin author through WordPress support and raise the ticket. Let the plugin author assist you in the right manner to edit the plugin.

Because you can get messed up with your WordPress site if something goes wrong. Just for an idea, I am giving you the code to add in the plugin.

Open the plugin file you want to change and search for manage_options. Chances are it will be inside of a function called add_options_page() or add_submenu_page() or add_menu_page().

When you look at the code manage_options, that basically means that only admins are allowed to access that plugin. You can change it to allow other users like Authors, Editors, Contributors, and Subscribers.

  • To allow Editors to access the plugin, use edit_pages in the place of manage_options.
  • To allow Authors to access the plugin, use publish_posts in the place of manage_options.
  • To allow Contributors to access the plugin, use edit_posts in the place of manage_options.
  • To allow Subscribers to access the plugin use read in the place of manage_options.

Note that if you update the plugin in future any changes you made will be replaced.

In some plugins some authors use view_level in their plugin code then you have to change administrator to whatever user role you want, so it is better to contact the plugin author before trying to make changes.

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