Automatically Set Bing Image As Wallpaper In Your Phone [Android]

We all know that Bing the Microsoft search engine adds a new picture to it site every day. Many people like those pictures and want to have them as wallpapers on their devices. Today we will see how we can set Bing background picture as wallpaper in your smartphone.

Starth Bing Wallpaper is an Android application developed by liaoheng, that allows the user to automatically personalize the smartphone background with Bing background images.

The app allows you to set the Bing image of the day as a background or in the lock screen of your smartphone. It also allows you to browse through the images of the last two weeks.

Once the app is set it automatically changes the background everyday at a specific time specified by the user and also saves background images locally. You can also set the resolution of the images downloaded from the app.

Starth Bing Wallpaper is available for Android for free and asks for permissions to access photos, media items and files.

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