Avast Secure Browser Will Take Care Of Your Privacy And Security

Avast Secure Browser is a new web browser launched by the well-known security company Avast, popular for its antivirus and other products, which has been developed to preserve privacy and security.

The browser is based on Chromium and is modified to be much more secure like chrome, therefore it shares many features.

Avast Secure Browser Window

The browser is designed to work with Avast antivirus to give complete protection to any system. It is a free browser compatible with latest versions of Windows operating system.

Avast Secure Browser has many different features:

Following are the some of the features of Avast Secure Browser.

1. Protection of your privacy and security.

2. Created by the security experts at Avast.

3. Based on the Chromium browser.

4. Additional built-in features such as bank mode, secure line VPN, anti-fingerprinting, adblock, anti-phishing, anti-tracking, stealth mode, HTTPS encryption, password managers, extension guard, privacy cleaner, and flash blocker.

Download the Avast Secure Browser

To download Avast Secure Browser, just visit the official Avast website.

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