How To Avoid Installing Adware From Installers [Guide]

In this post I am going to tell you several ways you can avoid installing adware in installers. My intent is to show you the tricks employed to attempt you into installing the adware on your system. You can get caught installing adware from installers at any time, as they are getting better and more sneaky. Recently, Foxit Reader made it compulsory to install the adware and this is a growing trend now a days. So it is important to learn how to avoid installing adware on your system, unless you like toolbars which track your browsing activity.

New Ways Installers Use To Trick Users Into Installing Adware

The most common trick they’ll use is Accept or Decline and Agree or Disagree buttons in installers. You must click Decline/Disagree rather than Accept/Agree.

facemoods adware

Some installers use new ways to trick users into installing adware on your system. This may catch some users as it looks like the license agreement.

Beneton movie gif adware

In the following examples you must uncheck the I agree button to avoid installing the adware.

bing bar

trillian installer toolbar

In some installers, you must choose custom installation and unchecking the adware from the check list to avoid installing the adware.

smrecorder custom installation

You can get caught after installing is over. Like this post-installation attempt.

post installation attempt

Some installers distract you by tricking you into clicking on the wrong option.

babylon 9 toolbar

facemoods adware post installation

As mentioned above Foxit Reader coupled adware into their installer and gave no option, you are forced to install it. Following several complaints from users they have updated their installer later.

foxit reader installer with adware

Many websites including the popular CNET have started packing adware in their installers often without permission from the original developers.

cnet installer

softonic installer

tucows installer

How To Identify If You Are Infected With Adware

The adware might show up like these. They can be very annoying and even track your browsing activity.

chrome adware

chrome adware screen

How To Avoid Adware From Installing

While installing programs if you ever miss any checkbox, you have to spend hours afterwards removing that adware. So it is better to avoid in the first step.

Today we talk about a Windows service program called Unchecky, which aims to keep potentially unwanted programs out of your computer. With this tool you can easily bypass the installation of adware from installers automatically.

Hope you liked this guide on how to avoid adware from installing on your system. If you would like to say anything you can say in comments.

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