How To Block Images, Unwanted Ads And Trackers In Browser

When you visit unknown website in Android browser you know how hard it is to avoid unwanted popup ads that appear all of a sudden. To avoid all those unwanted ads, there is a browser that is specifically designed to do stop all these, called Firefox Rocket.

firefox rocket features

Firefox Rocket is a free Android browser specifically designed to stop unwanted ads, trackers and block images. It can also be economical in the consumption of the data volume. If the “Turbo mode” is activated, ads and trackers are automatically blocked, which helps save valuable data volume. You can also stop automatic download of images just by activating “Block Images” feature.

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The interface of the mobile version of Firefox browser works without any tabs. There is also possibility to save browser cache and downloads on SD card. Currently the app is in beta and has English and Indonesia languages only.

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