How To Block Internet For Any Device Connected To Your Wifi

This article is intended to save data for limited Internet connections, especially when your have low Internet data. Suppose your family member always watches high definition YouTube videos and eating away all your precious Internet data then you can use this article to limit the Internet speeds for his/her device.

Find Devices Connected To Your Wifi

First you need to find devices connected to your wifi router. If you are using Dlink router you can do it easily.

1. Open browser and type in address bar and press Enter.

2. You will see Dlink router login page. Now login into your router.

dlink router login page

3. Now click on Status on the top horizontal tab. Next click on Active Client Table in the left sidebar. You will see table with Name, IP address, MAC address for each client.

active connected device list

4. Note down the device ip address and click on Advanced tab at the top.

Set Traffic Control Rules For Each Device

Now you have the device ip address and MAC address you can now set rules to decrease the Internet speeds for that device.

1. Now click on Traffic Control in the left sidebar.

traffic bandwidth and rules

2. Here you can control bandwidth speeds for specific devices. Set Traffic Control Rules by entering the ip address of the devices that you want to control Internet speeds.

traffic control rules

That’s it, now you can block or decrease Internet speeds for any device connected to your wifi. Internet speeds are calculated in kbps so remember that 1M = 1,024 Kbps. Enter a number lesser than your actual Internet speeds. Suppose if your Internet connection speed is 2Mbps try the number less than 2Mbps, like 512kbps.

All the menu names mentioned in this article are same for all Dlink routers but the Firmware version my differ for each device. But even with little knowledge you can set it up easily. If you have any doubts let me know in the comments.

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