Browser Extension That Acts As Clipboard Provides 10 Additional Slots To Save Data

Have you ever come across a situation where you have to copy and paste items one by one? You know how difficult it is to copy and paste each time, especially in Excel Sheets. But don’t worry there are tools that handle these kind of tasks easily.

Today we are talking about an extension called MultiCopyPaste, which is available for Chrome browser, will be released for other browsers soon. This extension acts as a browser Clipboard and provides 10 slots to store data, it certainly increases our productivity and also saves time, especially if you use same data frequently.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Copy And Paste Data

MultiCopyPaste provides keyboard shortcuts to handle 10 slots for storing and retrieving data. You can also use contextual menu (right click menu) to copy and paste items from the slots.

Extension Is Free To Use

The good thing about this extension is that it is free to use. We have to request for activation key using our email address, without paying anything.

Support The Project

If you think MultiCopyPaste is really helpful and it needs to be developed further, you can donate to the developer.

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