Compromise Analysis On What SAP HANA Online Training Can Offer

SAP HANA is known as an in-memory platform, which was mainly designed for organizing and processing a large amount of real-time data in a limited time frame. It is important for a candidate who would like to make a career as an SAP HANA expert to focus on the learning aspect of SAP HANA and gain an in-depth understanding of this module. SAP HANA online training has proved to be very beneficial for the candidates as it lays focus on all the important aspects of the real time projects. Let’s understand what this online training offers to candidates.

The training module has been divided into a few main topics and each topic covers several sub-topics on which the candidates have been advised in detail. The topics and the sub-topics covered have been listed below:

1. Introduction of SAP HANA: The topic provides the information on the evolution of SAP HANA, SAP HANA Meaning, the Introduction of SAP In-Memory, SAP HANA Landscape, SAP In-Memory Computing Product, Strategy and Technology, etc.

2. SAP HANA Sizing Look and Feel: This session lays stress on the In-Memory Computing Studio, System monitor, Navigation and Administration View and Information Modeler.

3. Architecture: Provides knowledge about the overview of the Architecture, data modeling Concepts and Reporting Row and Column Store, Loading Data into HANA, etc. are few of the important highlights covered in this module.

4. Data Provisioning and Replication: This module is related to the Configure Import server, Replication server, Process, and Architecture, Basic Data service connection Types, etc.

5. Modeling: Attribute, Analytic, and Calculation Views, Hierarchies and Currency conversion are some of the topics which have been listed in this module.

6. Reporting: This module advises the learner regarding the Reporting Layer and Connectivity option, Business Objects BI 4.0, MS Excel, etc.

7. User Management: This is the last phase of the SAP HANA training and provides information about the Assignment of Users to Roles, Creation of Role Hierarchy, Creation of Users and Roles, Authentication etc.

This training improves the analytical skills of the candidates and covers all the important aspect which is important for the HANA professionals who are required to manage the technical functionality along with the architecture of the HANA. The training program is conducted under the supervision of experts, who are always present for the candidates and can provide a solution for their real-time problems. All the individuals who aspire to become an expert in a database can enroll in this SAP HANA training online and move ahead in this field with ease.

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