Create Bootable Live USB Disk With Operating System Using Yumi

Now you can run live Linux operating systems on your machine (PC or Mac) using a USB drive. Having different operating systems is normal these days and most of all there are many Linux Distros available for free to download and use.

About YUMI

YUMI is a tool that allows you to create a multi-boot live operating system USB drive. It also contains other tools like diagnostic tools, antivirus utilities, disk cloning, etc. You can also use Linux distributed ISO file to run a live OS.

Using YUMI

I haven’t tested any Windows operating system with YUMI, let me know in the comments if it works or not. In the official site, they say YUMI works as a USB Universal Installer. So apart from live OS, you can also install operating systems, but not all operating systems are supported. Maybe in the future, they will have support.

YUMI is free to download and works in the latest version of Windows.

YUMI Screenshots

YUMI Multiboot USB Creator Setup
YUMI Boot Menu

More Information

If you are looking for tools similar to YUMI then you are at right place. We have a list of similar tools that work perfectly.

  • Rufus –Create bootable USB drives with ease.
  • XBOOT – Multiboot ISO USB Creator (Windows).
  • SARDU – Multiboot USB Creator.
  • MultiSystem – Create a multiboot USB from Linux.

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