How to Create Icon-only Tidy Bookmarks bar in Chrome

I love using bookmarks bar but I hate how little space there was for all these bookmarks I intended to see right in front of me. You need to have a larger screen to see your favourite bookmarks. Even on larger screens most of the bookmarks get hidden under a “more” button.

Do you think this is some thing that bothered you some time like me? You can follow this article to learn how I changed to the icon-only bookmarks bar in Chrome.
This is a simple tricks any one can get idea that by removing text you can display icon-only bookmarks on your bookmarks bar. As we all know different websites contain different favicons, you can easily recognize them by their appearance. So each icon conveys what the link is about.


Additional tip:

Here we have a nifty trick to easily access Downloads, History, Extension and settings page with simple click on bookmarks bar. Wondering how it’s possible? Please continue reading.

Quickly access Chrome’s setting pages with bookmark shortcuts

We all know that Chrome browser uses URL for each setting page which we can bookmark it on bookmarks bar for quick access. Here is a list of URL shortcuts you can easily access.

Bookmarks Manager





Now, all you need to do is drag-and-drop these URLs to your bookmarks bar. Once added, this is how the icons will display.

setting pages icons on bookmarks bar

This quick access is way more better than accessing them via menu in Chrome.

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