Create Realistic Gadget Photos With Free Mockup Generator Tool

With mockup generator, you can create fake gadget photos which look very realistic to eyes. Suppose if you want to launch a mobile app you can use this mockup generator to create a fake but good looking photo of your mobile app with natural background. You can add any image like website screenshots, mobile app screenshots, tablet app screenshots, etc to these mockups.

If you are a good graphic designer you can design your own mockup, but for many, they need tools like these mockup generators.

Online mockup generator screenshot

Create your own mockups online

The AppLaunchPad has a free mockup generator with which you can create hundreds of mockup images. All that you need is a screenshot of an app or website. For mobile app creators, this will be a very useful tool.

All you have to do is login into the site and then choose a mode of the mockup that suits you better, be it iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, Mac, Smartwatch, etc. Once the mockup is chosen, you can customize it to your liking and then download the final image to your system.

Most of the bloggers and online publications use these mockups instead of copyright pictures in their blog posts.

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