Disable And Enable Automatic Updates In Windows 10

There are many methods which you can use to disable automatic updates in Windows 10, but if you want again it’s a problem. Some methods work and other don’t. To avoid all these issues you can simply use a software tool to disable and enable automatic updates of Windows 10 easily, called as StopUpdates10.

Although it is not recommended to disable updates for security reason. Most people likely prefer to postpone updates especially when a new version arrives. Some people already had bad experiences after installing latest new updates on their computers.

Windows 10 pro users have this option to postpone their updates but for Windows 10 Home users have no such option. So updates are always downloaded on their system.


StopUpdates10 is a simple tool designed to stop updates in Windows 10 and you can also stop notifications of new version of updates. It works in a couple of clicks you can always deactivate and reactivate updates at any time by pressing a single button.

StopUpdates10 works simply by creating a registry key to block updates from installing, stopping the process that Windows uses to update.

Since it is a simple program whenever you uninstall StopUpdates10 the tool restores system updates automatically for you. So you don’t end up with deactivated updates on your system.

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