Disable Gutenberg And Restore The Classic WordPress Editor

We all know that WordPress 5.0 will bring huge changes to the classic WordPress editor, called as Gutenberg. When this change occurs there are many things to consider like theme support, plugin support, so on for new Gutenberg editor.

Without theme support for the new editor (Gutenberg) we cannot use it and it’s better to switch back to old classic WordPress editor. Similarly for plugins also, until you get support from plugins for the new editor, there is no point of using it.

New WordPress Plugin: Disable Gutenberg

But until then how can I switch to WordPress classic editor? You can do it simply by installing Disable Gutenberg WordPress plugin. This is a simple plugin used to restore classic WordPress editor for all post types, only specific post types, and for specific user roles.

Now you are at a better position to deal with the new changes that are being made in WordPress 5.0. This is just a temporary solution, soon everything is going to change with the release of Gutenberg and you need to make shift to those changes in plugins and themes.

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