Download iPhone X Exclusive Ringtone To Your Phone

Apple’s latest product iPhone X which is in the market available in most of the countries has an exclusively made ringtone. You cannot get that exclusively made ringtone unless you buy a new iPhone X which costs $999 in US.

But some folks shared the audio file of iPhone X exclusive ringtone on MediaFire website which is in M4R format and this format is reserved for iPhone ringtones. You can easily play this ringtone on your iPhone but first you need to transfer to your phone.

Transfer iPhone X Ringtone To Your iPhone

To transfer latest iPhone X ringtone to your iPhone you need iTunes software. The whole process of transferring the ringtone file is shown in the following YouTube video.

Transfer iPhone X Ringtone To Your Android

First the iPhone X ringtone needs to be converted to MP3 format (download ringtone in MP3 format) before it is used as ringtone in your Android phone. To transfer the ringtone file from your PC to Android use AirDroid app.

Let me know in the comments if you like this new Apple iPhone X ringtone. Does it look like same old or it is new and better than old ringtones that were created by Apple in the past.

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