How To Download Older Plugin Versions For WordPress

First of all you might think why the hell you want to download older plugin versions for WordPress? The answer is here suppose you have updated the plugin to newer version on your WordPress site. The older version is a freeware but suddenly the author of the plugin decides to attract more customers to his new pro version plugin by limiting features in free version plugin.

This situation can arise for anyone who is using WordPress where you feel that older version is better than newer one. But still you have to take some considerations before going to use older versions. Like there might be some loop holes in older version which hacker can use to hack your system.

If you still want to download older version plugin from website. You can look on the right side of the plugin’s page there is a link called “Advanced View”.

wordpress plugin page

Very far at the end of the page there is a dropdown box where you can select the desired version and click Download to get the desired plugin.

wordpress plugin page advanced view

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