Duotone Effect Generator – Apply Duotone Effect To Any Image Online

This is an interesting tool and useful resource for designers and illustrators. You don’t have to always use software tools like Photoshop to create a nice effect on images, there are other online tools like Duotones which does the job professionally. All you need is just a browser and a url to the website.

Duotone effect online

Designers know the concept of duotone effect, a grayscale image in which two different colors are used. It is just like the gradient tool effect like in Photoshop software but only with two colors. As you can see on the website there are different color combinations with names like Spotify or Gryffindor to apply on image. You can also manually choose the color combinations and apply it to the image.

You can not only use your own images there are stock photos to test the duotone effect. If you liked the effect you can try on your own picture. After you have satisfied with the effect you can even download the image to your system in JPG format.

This design resource will be undoubtedly useful for designers so it is worth taking it into account. Hope you liked this article for more updates please subscribe to our blog feed or write your opinion in the comment section below.

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