Easily Convert PDF to Word on iOS and Android

Have you noticed that nowadays there are fewer paper documents? If you ask the younger person, you can see that those are the documents that aren’t very useful at all. You can’t instantly send them over WhatsApp, Email or Facebook Messenger, but you need to send them over some fax machine that nobody has ever seen maybe. Those days are behind us.

Now, PDF file type is the king of all digital documents. When you apply for the job, you send your resume in a PDF because that is the only way that you know your profile will appear to an employer as you intended to. Maybe the main asset of PDF is the ability to be shared over all the different platforms. From a business standpoint, it is important to be able to keep your sensitive data secured and you can do that by password protecting the document. In that way, only people who are intended to see the document can have access to it.

But the main thing you can hardly do with a PDF document is to edit it. There is no easy way to change the name of contract, add new work experience to existing PDF resume or changing the date of the report. For each and every action mentioned above, you need to type the document from the scratch, which is not the greatest thing you could be doing with your time.

In order to avoid the unnecessary work, PDF to Word Converter app was developed, with its only goal in mind to convert PDFs to more suitable format for editing, such as Word document.

You can check out the app here: Google Play Store | Apple App Store

App features:

  • Without restrictions on number of free conversions and file size
  • Top-level conversion quality
  • Boosted OCR technology
  • Conversion of scanned PDF documents
  • Conversion of PDFs from Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Box and iCloud

How to convert files using PDF to Word Converter app

PDF to Word app is very easy to use, it takes only a few simple steps to convert any PDF.

First, you need to find the file that you want to convert. There are several ways you can do that. You can choose to upload the file from your device, from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., and to scan a document directly.

pdf to word app

Once you found the file you want to convert, just wait for the upload and afterwards you need to wait for conversion to complete. The conversion time depends on the original file that is converted. The conversion is being performed on conversion servers, which doesn’t impact the phone’s performance.

PDF to Word Converter is a useful app that can help you when trying to edit a PDF document. Avoid being frustrated with the non-editable PDF, just download this app and let it do the work for you. In the end, you will only need to further edit the Word version of your original file.

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