Easy Way To Prevent Windows From Entering Sleep Mode

It’s very common to see Windows go into sleep mode when you leave it idle for a long time. Be it downloading a game, editing a video, so on. Windows goes into sleep mode after a certain period of time like 10, 15, 20 minutes be it laptop or desktop. But with an application called Insomnia, you can temporarily stop the sleep mode which otherwise our PC would enter, as long as the application is running.

Insomnia is a simple application; you can use the 32-bit application even for a 64-bit operating system because it is more stable and lighter.

Insomnia Native

When you start the Insomnia application, a window will open and while this Windows is open, the PC will not be able to enter sleep mode or turn off the screen while doing a time-consuming task like downloading a game, editing large video, so on. Once the task is finished you can close the Insomnia application and everything will return to normal.

You don’t have to change Windows sleep mode settings as long as you use this Insomnia application. Changing Windows settings are unnecessary steps when you can do it in a couple of clicks.

Insomnia simply stops the sleep mode on Windows. Insomnia works with all versions of Windows 10, 8, 7 and even XP.

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