Enjoy Your Experience On Netflix With These Tricks

In modern time Netflix became a necessary entertainment platform and it comes with hundreds of exciting, adventurous and suspense TV Series and Movies. You can watch Unlimited Movies/TV series with your Friends or Family.

Today we bring several tricks that will improve your experience while watching Netflix and with the help of these tricks, you can watch Movies and series comfortably.

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Skip Introduction

One of the major lazy work we have to do is to skip Intro manually in every Movies or series, but you can just sit back and chrome will do this work for you. For this you have to follow some steps given below:-

  1. Install Super Netflix extension on your Google Chrome.
  2. Open Super Netflix, Top right corner of your window.
  3. Click on the Settings button, Select Skip Intro from the drop-down.
  4. Save Settings.

All set, now every time you watch Movies or Series on Google Chrome you don’t have to skip intro manually, you can just sit back with your snacks and Super Netflix will do that for you.

Shortcut Buttons

  • F – Full Screen
  • Esc – Close Full Screen
  • Spacebar – Pause and Play
  • Shift + Left Arrow – Rewind
  • Shift + Right Arrow –  Forward
  • UP Key – Increase Volume
  • DOWN Key – Decrease Volume
  • M – Mute
  • S – Skip Intro

Browse New Categories

There are lots of categories that remain hidden in the piles of categories in Netflix if you want to browse all those categories then you can visit Netflixcodes.me 

In this website, if you select a category it will open in Netflix with the given Series and Movies.

Browse New Movies/Series

Reelgood provide you the complete list of Movies or Series that you can watch, it actually helps you to decide which Series or Movie you should watch.

  • Select Genre you want to watch.
  • Then Type ( Series or Movies)
  • Select IMDB score of your content
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score.
  • Search
  • A series/Movie will appear based on your selection.

Share without giving Password

If you have taken the subscription and don’t use much and want to lend it to someone but don’t want to share your password you can use ShareUrl, In this website, you can download its extension and that extension will help you to share Url with your friends without sharing Password.

  • Visit Website > Download Extension
  • Install Extension on Chrome
  • Create Link of the content you want to share.
  • Share with your Friends/Colleagues/TeamMates etc.
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