Fastest And Easiest Way To Transfer Files From Android To PC Or Mac

Many Android users are familiar with the AirDroid app which is the popular choice to transfer files between Android and PC also for Mac. But there are other ways to do the same thing in a much easier manner.

What if I tell you that you can do direct transfer simply by opening an app on your Android or iPhone? That would be great, isn’t it? That is what we are going to see now, first of all, you need to install desktop application and an app on your phone and whenever you want to connect your phone you can simply start both apps and you are connected through WiFi.

You can connect your phone through cable or using WiFi to transfer files. This option is super fast and it is ad-free also.

HandShaker application window

The app is called HandShaker, it is developed by Smartisan phone manufacturer for their own devices but the good thing about this app is that you can use this app on any other Android devices.

For Mac you can download it from App Store, for Windows here is the direct link to download the application to your desktop, you can also download it from the official website but it is in Chinese, so the direct download is faster and easier.

Once the download is finished, open the desktop application. At first, you will see this screen on the application. Click on HandShaker tab on the left to open the screen where your phone gets detected.

Click on HandShaker tab

Now you can see that there is a radar-like scanner on the right side. At the bottom, you can see some text that says “If HandShaker is not yet installed, please scan a barcode to download”. You need to click on the link, scan a barcode on the application to open barcode.

Scan barcode and download app

Scan the barcode with your phone and download the APK to your Android phone and install it. Open the app and your phone is shown in the desktop application. Click connect and you are connected.

From now on you can connect your phone to the desktop just by opening both apps. Hope you have learned the fastest and easiest way to connect your phone to desktop. If you like this tutorial write a comment or subscribe to my blog RSS feeds.

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