How To Find Out WiFi Passwords Of Near By Places

People always want to find WiFi passwords of neighbors and their surrounding places. Here I am not telling you how to hack but there is an Android app which gives out free WiFi passwords of your surrounding places. Let’s find out what is that app and how we can find out WiFi passwords of surrounding places?

wifi map free passwords

That app is called WiFi Map – Free Passwords, using this app you can find out passwords in your surrounding places. First, you need to switch-on your location on your phone. Then open WiFi Map, you will shown nearby WiFi hotspots, click on it and you will be shown WiFi password of that hotspot.

App says it has some 100 million WiFis available worldwide. So you don’t have to worry about Internet spots nearby you. You can always use this app to find out passwords of nearby hotspots. It is very useful especially when you are traveling around.

Hope you liked this little tutorial on how to find out nearby hotspot ie WiFi passwords. If you find this useful let me know in the comments below and subscribe to my blog feeds.

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