How To Find/Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon Product Page

Suppose you bought a new gadget from Amazon website. It doesn’t work as mentioned on the site and you and your friends can’t figure a way to make it work. You look at Amazon product page and it has got 30 plus 5 star reviews. You must be puzzled looking at so many 5 star reviews and the product you bought won’t work. Then you must be thinking that something wrong is going on with the reviews on the product page. You are right, these review must be fake. Reviews might be submitted by the employee or the product selling company itself. This is where Fakespot will come handy.

fakespot extension chrome

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Fakespot will analyze the product page for fake reviews on Amazon website. Users can use this extension (available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers) to find fake reviews. Fakespot analyzes both reviews and reviewers, looking for questionable spelling and grammar, number of reviews, purchasing patterns, mismatched dates and other telltale signs of suspicious review activity. Currently it supports Yelp, TripAdvisor, iTunes App Store and,,, There are apps for Android and iOS as well.

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