Firefox Focus, Mozilla’s Private Mobile Browser That Blocks Trackers

Last November Mozilla launched the Firefox Focus browser for iOS devices, a browser that allows private browsing as it blocks a wide range of crawlers, including analytics, social and even browsing.

Now, after a few months of waiting, Android users will have the opportunity to use this browser as Mozilla has just announced the release of the version.


Like the iOS version, Firefox Focus for Android has a minimalist design, does not include tabs and also allows to delete browsing session with touch of a button.

One of the features of Firefox Focus is, it lists the number of ads that have been blocked by browser. Another feature it includes is, when Firefox is running in the background, it sends a notification to remind the user that with a tap can easily erase the browsing history.

The privacy browser allows you to browse the web like no one’s watching. This browser is definitely the next-level privacy browser that’s free.

Firefox Focus provides automatic privacy that is, it blocks a wide range of common web trackers without any settings to set. Easily erase your history, no passwords, no cookies, no trackers.

By blocking ads and removing trackers, web pages loads faster and may require less data.

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