Firefox Quantum Vs Google Chrome Comparison

It seems like Mozilla had worked hard to renew its browser completely with the release of Firefox Quantum. Now it’s time to see if it will be able to dethrone the Google Chrome from its top spot.

Developers say it was designed to be twice as fast from its previous versions and the beta versions already left Google Chrome in a very bad position.

New Look And Feel, But The Real Power Is Inside

The first thing that will catch our attention is its new user interface. The old-fashioned round tabs are replaced with square tabs. It is more minimalist with softer and more pleasant animations.

firefox quantum browser

The additional search bar that always appeared in Firefox will not be present, instead will be intergrated into URL bar like Google Chrome.

Mozilla Says Quantum Consumes 30% Less Resources Than Google Chrome

chrome eating system resources

According to Mozilla the new Firefox Quantum consume 30% less memory when compared to Google Chrome.

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How does Firefox manage memory better than Chrome? The main difference is that, while the Google browser opens a process by tab, Firefox Quantum creates four processes for all the contents of the pages and does not add any more.

browser architecture

Download Firefox Quantum

From today it is possible to download the official version of Firefox Quantum. It is compatible with Windows 10, MacOS, Linux, Android Oreo and iOS 11. It is worth spending a little time and checking how good this browser feels.

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